Virtual Self-Help Center

Honorable Judge Randall Fuller’s Statement on Self-Representation

The judicial system of Ohio embraces the idea that access to the Courts is a fundamental right of all Ohioans. Through its long history, the judicial system in Ohio has been, and continues to be committed to dispensing justice for all Ohioans. Some litigants, for any number of reasons, may find it necessary to represent themselves before the Court. Self-represented parties are referred to as self-represented litigants in the legal system. If you have decided to act as your own attorney, you will be responsible for preparing and filing your own paperwork, and advocating for yourself in the courtroom. This “virtual” Self-Help Center has information and links to legal resources to help you represent yourself in our Domestic Relations Court in Delaware County. It should be noted that self-representation should not be taken lightly. Self-represented litigants are held to the same standards as attorneys admitted to the bar of the State of Ohio. The information here is not a substitute for legal advice. I strongly recommend that you talk with a lawyer licensed to practice law in Ohio to get legal advice on your issue.